Life of a Mommy with Toddler Before and After Engaging a Baby Sleep Consultant

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Q&A with a mommy of a toddler who was waking up multiple times at night

What was your life like before you found Zoe, SG Supernanny?

I was a zombie for 2 years! I ignored all the sleep training rules when my little girl was born. She co-slept with me, used the dummy, baby carrier and I would lay next to her for 1 hour or more some nights for her to fall asleep. She would then wake up 2-3 times a night and I would pat her back to bed. For 3 weeks straight when she was approaching 2 years old she would consistently cry in the middle of the night for about an hour and I would get up, feed her milk and pat her back to bed.

I work full time and I was constantly tired at work, moody with my husband and just exhausted all the time.

It was those 3 weeks where I just knew we had to change her sleep behaviour and routine.

What was your main concern about engaging Zoe?

I kept thinking it was too late to engage a sleep consultant as my daughter is 2 years old and all the bad sleeping habits could not be changed. I know my baby and I know she will not accept sleeping on her own without me and without a dummy. I was very skeptical not because of Zoe and her capability but because I just know my child.

What is life like after engaging Zoe?

I have to admit first week was hard for both my baby and the family. She was adjusting to the new sleep routine and being on her own to self settle. This meant tears for her and tears for me of course!

Second week she was sleeping throughout the night and where she did wake up she learned the skill of self settling.

Third week she perfected it and we were so proud. When we put her on her bed she would toss and turn a little and then fall asleep without crying! She was sleeping from 7pm to 7am without waking up and again where she did wake up she knew how to self settle.

I was sleeping 8hrs straight and full of energy during the day and on weekends to really nurture my baby without being exhausted all the time.

If you were to recommend Zoe to your best friend, what would you say?

That as a parent you are responsible for your child’s sleep behaviour and habits. If your child is sleep deprived, you need to seek help and Zoe can help.

The great thing about Zoe is she is patient and explains why certain methods should be carried out, she helps you understand the science of sleeping which then helps you believe in her methodology.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about engaging Zoe?

My child can sleep on her own and self settle. I was very skeptical and thought it was too late to change my 2 year old’s sleep behaviour. It was harder than the average young baby to sleep train a toddler but Zoe made me believe it was not impossible.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Thank you Zoe for helping us all sleep better at nights.