Our society has changed so much over the years and over many generations. My mom used to tell me that they didn’t have any disposable diapers back in her days and she needed to use hands to wash all the soiled and wet diapers to look after us. In case you are wondering, there weren’t any washing machines back then as well. When it came to breastfeeding, there were no breastfeeding pumps either. It was either direct latching or hand express.

Fast forward to our time, we now not only have so many fancy apps and gadgets to help us with looking after our baby, I believe sometimes we rely on them too much that we lose confidence on our own unique abilities to look after our child and even find it hard to believe that our baby is a capable and unique individual.

I chanced upon this article on a new breastfeeding measurement tool and it really showcased how much we as parents doubt our capabilities and products like this really question our breastfeeding ability to meet our baby’s hunger need. I like what the author said “It is incredibly unlikely we as a species would have survived and produced some 7 billion humans if human milk wasn’t so good at meeting infant needs. So why then, are we so convinced that women can’t breastfeed?”

I believe as parents we really need to feel more empowered and start believing in ourselves more and also our babies. Trust your motherly instinct and trust your baby.

And when it comes to sleeping, trust that your baby is capable of learning to self-soothe and you will find that he/she will soon learn to fall asleep without your help.

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