The Chill Mom by Michelle Hon

The Chill Mom by Michelle Hon

Practical advice that takes pregnant and new mums from worried and fearful to cool and collected

THE CHILL MOM – How to go from anxious expectant mother to relaxed, confident mom takes you through the sometimes lonely, scary, confusing journey of pregnancy and early motherhood—offering you real-life solutions, proven to work.

“I wished Michelle had written this book 12 years ago when I was first expecting my twins! Her genuine and candid account about her own experience navigating this motherhood journey is very refreshing and you feel like you can relate to her right away! She is truly an inspiration to mothers everywhere!”

Zoe Chu, SG Supernanny

This book teaches you to become the most blissful, self-assured mum on the block

  • Be mentally and physically ready for pregnancy and handling life as a new mother
  • Know what to expect and how to prepare for childbirth and breastfeeding
  • Be better equipped to listen to your instincts and trust your judgement in making decisions in your life
  • Learn the child-caring techniques that work best for you
  • Fearlessly, effectively balance pregnancy and motherhood with career and other responsibilities the chill mom way

Michelle’s personal and professional practice exudes our local flavours of motherhood simply and powerfully. I wish I had her incredible guide book for my first baby!”

Angie Yeow, Mother of 3

“I’m going to 5-star it! It gripped me until I finished reading essentially because it’s a detailed guide for parents and to be parents! Totally resonate with it and that’s exactly what I wanted to read.”

Priyanka Baryani

From debunking myths on childbirth to advocating self-care, Michelle has it all down here in an easy-to-read book that is full of practical tips and nuggets of wisdom.”

David Sim, Daddy Blogger

The Chill Mom Topic Includes:
How being a calm and happy mother is better for your baby
Overcome common fears of motherhood